Ollie for Sponsors

Ollie gives sponsors a meaningful way to help their sports team while receiving a tax write off and provides meaningful exposure to parents, players, coaches, and fans every single day.

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Watch one of our founders give an overview of how both teams and sponsors benefit from using Ollie

Targeted Marketing

Daily views for your businesses

Parents, players, coaches, and fans use the Ollie app hundreds of times every day during the season. When a local business sponsors a team, the business gets meaningful targeted views and goodwill for providing the app for the team. Sponsors get to include their logo, an offer, and even a link to their website. That's way better than putting their logo on a jersey!

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deliver real value

Be the team app sponsor

Team sponsors deliver real value for parents, players, and coaches every day. They will remember that! Your sponsorship provides a full suite of team management features and meaningful statistics for every player, every game that help improve the soccer experience.

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