Measure what matters

Our youth sports culture is toxic because we only measure success by wins and losses. 70% of kids quit playing by age 13 as a result!  We are changing the youth sports experience with meaningful positive data for every player, every game.

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There's always something to celebrate

W's and L's only tell part of the story. Celebrate successes each game with highlights and awards and Improve team and individual performance faster by knowing where each player and team can improve.

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Record pro-level stats

One person on your team captures every pass, goal, shot, and assist. Plus team and individual possession, pass completion, where you are winning and losing the ball, and much more. Stats are free for a couple of games and always free for coaches!

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Schedule events, sync your calendars, chat with the team, mark your attendance, and more team management features - all included with a free Ollie account!

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Don't Ever Miss Another Game

Not able to attend the game in person? No problem. Follow game stats live in the app and interact with your team so you never miss a goal, assist, sub, or other key event.

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Which ollie is right for your team?

Ollie works for soccer teams at every level from recreation to professional academies, and everything in between.

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What Are people Saying about ollie?

"Being able to use the stats generated with Ollie to adapt and improve faster than our opponents during a condensed high school season has had a huge impact on our programs success."

- Jerry, High School Coach

"Ollie has been a game changer for our entire club! The team and club management features are better than anything else we have used and the statistics allow us to measure and improve the development of our players and coaches like never before. Incredible."

- Caitlin, Director of Coaching

"As a parent with 3 kids playing soccer, I can finally manage everything in one place.  It keeps all of the events synced to my calendar and I can chat with each team separately. Also, my kids can't get enough of the stats! So fun for them to track their goals and progress.  We love it."

- Katherine, Parent