ollie for soccer academies

Every academy talks development, but nobody measures it—until now. Ollie shows you how players, coaches, and teams progress each week. Make development the focus of your culture by measuring what matters.

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development & results

Get meaningful statistics

Know how your academy teams perform every week, and track coach & team trends over time. Show off the stats that define your organization like possession % or goal differential, and get insights into player performance that you might be missing.

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team management

players, parents & staff all on the same page

Team management for every team in your academy is included.  Staff, Players, and Parents can communicate seamlessly and schedule events that easily sync with their calendars.

academy Features

attendance, rosters, and press releases

In addition to academy statistics, Ollie gives you a live directory for member communication, admin messages, custom branding, field scheduling, and much more.

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team management features

One-time & recurring events
iCal syncing
Attendance records
In-app group & individual chat
Notifications and reactions
Team directory & chat channels
Field Scheduler
Profiles, statistics, and analytics

Statistics features

All team and organization management features, plus...
Full statistics usage for all teams in the academy
Organization statistics trends and analytics
Questions? See all details in "How It Works"

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Academy pricing is dependent on the size and needs of your organization. Please contact us for custom pricing.
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