ollie for soccer academies

Every academy talks development, but nobody measures it—until now. Ollie shows you how players, coaches, and teams progress each week. Make development the focus of your culture by measuring what matters.

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Know how your academy teams perform every week, and track trends over time. Show off the stats that define your academy, like possession, or goal differential. Directors can even follow stats live using our Live Game Mode so you never miss a key game.

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Record pro-level stats

One person on your team captures every pass, goal, shot, and assist. Plus team and individual possession, pass completion, where you are winning and losing the ball, and much more. Stats are free for a couple of games and always free for coaches!

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Team management for every team in your academy is included.  Staff, players, and parents can communicate seamlessly and schedule events that easily sync with their calendars.

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In addition to academy-wide statistics, Ollie gives academies a live directory for member communication, academy admin messages, custom branding, COVID-19 tracking for all players and parents, and much more.

ollie pro Pricing

Ollie Free

$0 USD
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Any team or individual can use these free features with an Ollie account.

What's Included?

Team Schedules, Roster and Directory
Team, Direct, and Group Messaging
Attendance Tracking and Event Reminders
Basic Live Game Mode
Game Stats for Head Coaches and Game Stat Taker

Ollie Pro Silver

individual: $4.99 usd / month
family: $7.99 usd / month

Individual Upgrade

Applies To All Your Teams

What's Included?

Everything in Ollie Free
Team and Player Game Stats, Shot Charts, and Heat Maps
Full Live Game Mode
Game MVPs and Awards
Own Player Season Stats, Charts, MVPs, and Awards
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Ollie Pro Gold

team: $499 usd / YR
club: $10-$20 usd / player / YR

Team/Club Upgrade

Applies Only To Team/Club That Has License

What's Included?

Everything in Ollie Pro Silver
Team and All Player Season Stats, Charts, MVPs, and Awards
Sponsors, Player Evaluations and Stats Exports
Attendance Reminders and Reports
Club Directory, Chat, Email, and Stats
Find a Sponsor to Pay for Ollie Pro! Teams and Clubs can get Ollie Pro for free, and sponsors get hundreds of daily views with their logo inside of the app.