Plan Ahead

The foundation of any effective practice is a well-thought-out plan. Knowing what you aim to achieve in each session is crucial. This could range from improving specific technical skills, like passing and shooting, to tactical understanding, such as positioning and movement.

  • How Ollie Helps: Use Ollie to schedule your practices well in advance. Its calendar feature allows you to plan each session's focus, ensuring a balanced approach to all aspects of the game over time.

2. Set Clear Objectives

Each practice should have clear, achievable objectives. Whether it’s enhancing team communication, working on set-pieces, or improving individual dribbling skills, having specific goals keeps players focused and motivated.

  • How Ollie Helps: Ollie’s platform enables coaches to communicate the objectives of each practice session directly to players and parents, ensuring everyone is aligned and prepared.

3. Incorporate Variety

Keeping practices varied and engaging is essential to maintain players' interest and motivation. Mixing drills, small-sided games, and competitive play keeps the sessions lively and covers different facets of soccer.

  • How Ollie Helps: With Ollie, you can access a variety of drills and training ideas. The app allows you to keep track of which drills you’ve already done, helping you introduce variety into each practice.

4. Focus on Development

While winning is important, practices should prioritize player development. Emphasize learning and improvement, celebrating individual and team progress as much as achievements.

  • How Ollie Helps: Utilize Ollie to track and analyze player stats and performance over time. This data can inform personalized feedback, helping each player understand their development areas and successes.

5. Encourage Team Spirit

Soccer is a team sport, and building a strong, cohesive unit is as important as developing individual skills. Practices should encourage teamwork, communication, and mutual respect among players.

  • How Ollie Helps: Ollie’s communication features facilitate team bonding. Share motivational messages, celebrate achievements, and create a supportive environment where players encourage each other.

6. Review and Reflect

After each practice, take time to review what went well and what could be improved. This reflection is vital for continuous improvement and adapting future sessions to meet the team's needs better.

  • How Ollie Helps: After practice, use Ollie to gather feedback from players and conduct evaluations. This feedback can be instrumental in planning future sessions that address the team's evolving needs.


Effective soccer practice is a blend of careful planning, clear objectives, variety, developmental focus, team spirit, and continuous reflection. By integrating Ollie into your coaching process, you can enhance the efficiency and impact of your soccer practices. Ollie not only simplifies scheduling and communication but also provides valuable data for personalized coaching, making it an essential tool for coaches committed to excellence.

Feb 14, 2024

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