ou spoke, we listened. Thank you for all the feedback!  Our newest update is a significant overhaul of nearly every section of the app and it is awesome.  Here is a summary of just some of the new features and changes.  


  • Greatly improved loading speeds
  • New capability to fix bugs and add features much faster than before


  • Improved chat interface and design
  • Adding participants to existing conversations
  • Leaving custom group and direct conversations
  • Muting conversations and channels to reduce notifications
  • Notification badge counts so you know exactly where new chats are coming from


  • Events are now colored by team
  • New event type icons and emphasis
  • Quick filters to see only events for one team
  • More advanced event filters


  • Improved team design interface
  • Logos for clubs (individual team customization coming soon)
  • Improved display of team details
  • Club directories with quick search features


  • Separate distinction between your account and linked accounts
  • New permissions features
  • New troubleshooting options including a clear cache and restart option


Now that this last big release is completed, we are full steam ahead on finishing the stats release to be ready for the High-School and club seasons in the spring.  Here are some of the specifics coming in our next big release:

  • Stats recording and training so you can easily learn to take stats on your own
  • New stats consumption experience from within the app (no more being forced to go to a separate website)
  • Post-game voting, awards, and recognition
  • Player, parent, team, and club profiles and achievements
  • and much much more

Thank you to our current user base for being an amazing part of our Ollie family.  Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming so we can continue to improve the youth sports experience for coaches, parents, and players.

Jan 28, 2020

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