As most of our beta users know, we spent a significant amount of time this last summer retooling some of the key team management components and demoing the statistics features at many of Utah’s largest soccer tournaments.  We sent our team of Ollie Pros to hundreds of games to capture statistics and share them with players, parents, and coaches.  The response and feedback we received were incredible and the number of teams an clubs on our waiting list has grown tremendously.


Here is a broad summary of what we’ve been building.

  • In App Stats Training: Any person using the app will now be able to learn how to capture statistics using our in-app training for beginner and advanced mode.
  • Stats Capture: Users will be able to easily capture team or individual level statistics by tapping and swiping on their mobile device.
  • Stats Viewing: We have significantly enhanced and improved the stats consumption experience for players, parents, and coaches and you can see it all right inside the app.
  • Trends & Comparisons: In addition to seeing statistics for your current game, you will be able to measure that performance against your past games or season averages.
  • Profiles, Awards, & Achievements:  Every team, player, and even parents will be able to create and build their profile overtime where they can showcase awards and achievements.


We will be releasing most of these features for high school programs starting in early January!  Stats for club soccer teams will likely be ready by sometime in February prior to the start of their spring seasons. Some of the profile features will be rolling out shortly thereafter in conjunction with more team and club management features and benefits.

We’re incredibly excited to start helping parents, players, and coaches improve their youth sports experience by measuring what matters.  We look forward to seeing more teams and individuals measuring their development and improvement each game regardless of the outcomes.  We look forward to helping parents and players recognize the positive things happening each game and giving them fun and meaningful ways to celebrate, share, and track the progress of their goals over time.  We have seen meaningful data change the culture of a team and the relationships between parents, players, and coaches and we can’t wait for you to experience it too.  

You can stay up to date as the release get’s closer by following us here on our blog or on our social channels (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube). Measure what matters!

Jan 28, 2020

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