For those of us who have seen the show, the series Ted Lasso had us laughing, crying, and dying to play soccer. However, although it is humorous, there are valuable lessons for soccer coaches at all levels. While Ted Lasso, the character played by Jason Sudeikis, may be a fictional American football coach turned English soccer manager, his unconventional methods and positive demeanor offer real-world insights into successful coaching. Here's a look at some key takeaways from the show that can inspire and guide soccer coaches.

1. The Power of Positivity

Ted Lasso’s relentless optimism is one of his most defining traits. In the high-pressure world of soccer coaching, maintaining a positive outlook can be challenging but crucial. Lasso’s attitude demonstrates how a positive mindset can foster a supportive and encouraging environment for players, boosting morale and team spirit even in the face of adversity.

2. Embracing Cultural and Tactical Differences

Thrown into a sport he initially knows little about, Ted Lasso doesn’t shy away from his lack of traditional soccer knowledge. Instead, he embraces it, learns on the job, and adapts. This open-mindedness is a vital lesson for soccer coaches who operate in an increasingly global sport with diverse cultures and playing styles. Being adaptable and open to learning new tactics and perspectives can be a significant asset.

3. The Importance of Building Relationships

One of Lasso’s strengths is his ability to build strong, personal relationships with his players and staff. He understands that coaching goes beyond tactics and training; it's about connecting with players on a human level. This approach can lead to better understanding, trust, and ultimately, improved performance on the pitch.

4. Leading by Example

Ted Lasso leads with kindness, respect, and integrity, setting a standard for everyone around him. In soccer coaching, setting the right example can influence the entire team’s attitude and behavior. Coaches who demonstrate respect, fairness, and a strong work ethic can inspire their players to exhibit the same qualities.

5. Facing Challenges with Courage

Throughout the series, Lasso faces numerous challenges, both personal and professional. His courage in facing these challenges head-on, without losing his sense of self or his values, is a powerful message for coaches. The ability to confront difficulties with resilience can transform potential setbacks into opportunities for growth.

6. The Value of Team Over Individual

Ted Lasso emphasizes the team over individual stardom. This team-centric approach is crucial in soccer, where success depends on collaboration and collective effort. Coaches can learn from Lasso's focus on team unity and spirit, which often proves to be the team's greatest strength.


While "Ted Lasso" may be a fictional depiction set in the comedic backdrop, the lessons it offers are profoundly relevant for soccer coaches. By embracing positivity, openness, strong relationships, leading by example, courageous resilience, and a team-first mentality, coaches can create an environment where players can thrive and teams can achieve great success.

Feb 7, 2024

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